Assessing the efficacy and efficiency of simulated driver rehabilitation following acquired brain injury (research)


This project is investigating whether using a driving simulator is useful and cost-effective in helping those have had a stroke return to driving. Participants are eligible if they have had a stroke and have previously held a full or probationary licence and require a driving assessment to return to driving.

We wish to assess whether those who practice on a simulator are more likely to pass an on-road test, or require less on-road driving lessons, compared to those who do not use a driving simulator. This study will involve being allocated to either a simulator rehabilitation group or a standard rehabilitation group.

Some of the assessment participants will undertake will occur as part of standard assessment and rehabilitation practice regardless of whether they decide to be a part of the study. Participation in the study will involve doing some extra questionnaires and giving some extra details than would be provided if receiving treatment as normal.

This study is being conducted across Epworth Rehabilitation hospitals at Richmond, Hawthorn and Camberwell.


Bleydy Dimech-Betancourt 0439257712 or

Download the participant information sheet (DOC 77 KB)