Box Hill Stroke Support Group

Box Hill, VIC, 3128

The Box Hill Stroke Support Group is a loosely knit but closely concerned group of people connected in one way or another with those who have suffered a stroke and their carers, be they spouses, family or supportive friends. All have experienced stroke and its associated trauma, and have derived moral support and comfort from others in the same situation. It is surprising how the comment 'Been There Done that' can lift a mental load when one is having an off day.

No we do not sit around 'down in the mouth' feeling sorry for ourselves. Our meetings are informal, just around a table in general conversation or batting ideas to and fro—such as how to cope with something in the house or in the local shopping centre—even if it is only how to tear toilet paper off a roll without the whole lot unrolling on the floor.

We watch videos. We dine out together. We have picnics—always providing for those in wheelchairs. We have visiting speakers helping us with a wide range of topics from diet, foot-care to Tai Chi. We listen to tapes that help one relax and unwind.


Every fortnight on Friday at 10.30 am.


Michael Hawkey, 03 9879 3494 or 0418 173 934