COMPARE trial of aphasia rehabilitation


Following a stroke, some people find they have difficulty saying words and sentences. This language problem is called aphasia.

Speech pathology treatment can help individuals improve their language and make it easier to communicate.

There are different types of treatments and at present, we don't know which treatment is best for each individual with aphasia. Therefore, treatment has to take a 'try-it-and-see' approach.

This study aims to compare different treatments for people with problems talking after a stroke. The treatments are constraint induced aphasia therapy and multi-modal aphasia therapy.

We want to see if one treatment is better than the other, and to compare these treatments to usual speech pathology treatment.

You are eligible if you had a stroke at least 6 months ago.


Miranda Rose, Melanie Hurley or Marcella Carragher

03 9479 2776

Download a flyer for people with aphasia (PDF 561 KB)