Identifying and addressing information needs of carers of stroke survivors (research)

The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, 5005

This research project is about finding out what friends and family members need to know about as they learn to care for someone who has had a stroke. The findings will guide the development of new information resources for people who are learning to care for stroke survivors, and for health professionals (e.g. nurses and doctors).

Friends and family members who provide support to stroke survivors (carers) are being invited to participate in an interview to discuss what information is important to know when a friend or family member has a stroke. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to talk about what message you would like to share with other carers.

This interview might be face-to-face or over the phone.

Following the interview, you might be invited to help develop the information resources.


Dr Elizabeth Lynch on 08 8313 9157 or email

Download information sheet for focus groups (DOCX 29 KB)
Download information sheet for carer video interviews (DOCX 31 KB)
Download information sheet for stroke survivor video interviews (DOCX 31 KB)