Modafinil in debilitating fatigue after stroke 2 (research)

Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science, QE II Medical Centre, Nedlands, WA, 6009

The Modafinil In Debilitating Fatigue After Stroke 2 (MIDAS 2) study is recruiting community-dwelling stroke survivors who are experiencing persistent and non-resolving fatigue 3 or more months after their stroke.

Participants will be randomised to either modafinil (200 mg daily) or an identical placebo for 56 days.

The primary aim of the study is to test whether 200 mg of modafinil taken daily for at least 56 days significantly improves participant quality of life compared to placebo, due to the improvement of severe and persistent fatigue after stroke.


To find out more please contact Study Research Coordinator Claire Tucak on 08 6457 0200, or email:

Participant information sheet (DOC 1.24 MB)