Real-time biofeedback of foot clearance for gait rehabilitation (research)

Austin Repatriation Hospital, 300 Waterdale Rd, Ivanhoe, VIC, 3079

This study is looking at whether training people who have had a stroke to walk on a treadmill (with or without visual feedback on how the leg is moving) can improve their foot clearance while walking to reduce tripping.

The trial would involve participant attendance at an assessment site (Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital or Victoria University – Footscray) on 15 occasions, either for an assessment or training session. These sessions involve participants walking on a treadmill for approximately 10 minutes with light weight markers to analyse their walking.


Please contact Joanne Quek at or (03) 9496 2659, or Lisa James at or (03) 9919 9221 for more information.

Participant information sheet (PDF 126 KB)