Training stroke survivors to use smartphone memory apps (research)


A comparison of teaching techniques to train the use of smartphone memory apps in stroke survivors

Smartphones can be very helpful tools for everyday activities that require memory. After a stroke, many people find it difficult to learn or remember how to use smartphones, which becomes a barrier for using them as a memory aid.

Researchers from Monash University are comparing three training techniques to teach people how to use an app in their smartphone.

Participation includes 4 sessions lasting approximately 2 hours each. The first session will include a number of tasks to measure your memory functioning and smartphone use. You will then receive a training session. This will be followed by 2 more sessions (1 and 6 weeks later) in order to monitor the effects of the training method.

Sessions can be completed at the Monash Psychology Centre in Notting Hill, at the La Trobe Psychology Clinic in Bundoora, or at your home.

If you live in Melbourne, have had a stroke, are currently experiencing memory difficulties, have a smartphone and would like to feel more confident using it, you are invited to participate in this study.


If you are interested in participating or would like more information, contact Diana Ramirez, by emailing, or calling 0490 966 264.

Download the participant information sheet (PDF 144 KB)