Valued Living After Neurological Trauma (VaLiANT): group program for people with cognitive impairment due to acquired brain injury (research)

La Trobe Psychology Clinic, 1 Kingsbury Dr, Bundoora, VIC, 3083

Have you had an acquired brain injury that has affected how you think and feel? Are you interested in learning ways to deal with these changes so you can do more of the things you value in life?

Difficulties with memory and other thinking skills are common after acquired brain injury (ABI), and often go along with changes in mood. These changes can affect the capacity to do things that are meaningful and valued, such as work, leisure and social activities.

VaLiANT is a new 8-week group program located at La Trobe University in Bundoora (VIC) for adults (aged 18 years of over) who have had a stroke (at least 3 months ago), designed to increase your participation in activities that you value while helping you learn strategies for dealing with changes in thinking and mood. You are invited to participate in our research investigating the impact of participating in the group on the lives of people with ABI.

Participation involves weekly questionnaires, the group program, and assessments before and after the group.

For more information or to sign up, Bleydy Dimech-Betancourt (Research Officer) via email ( or phone (03 9479 1679).

Participant Information Statement (DOCX 94 KB)
Consent Form (DOCX 88 KB)