Fatigue 3

Sunday, November 12 2017, 10:50PM

I will start numbering my post blogs, or whatever they’re called. Maybe Leah or Tahnee from stroke support brissie can pay me a visit and teach me the difference.


This weekend was a big one, without going into to much detail, we helped a neighbor move 6 metres of soil and my son do a yard cleanup and tip runs.


Fitness wise no probs;  l have 85 year old knees and sciatica. Both have plagued me for a number of years, but l told my physios in rehab that l wouldn’t use them as an excuse to bust my arse to get my left side limbs moving again.


I have a theory around chronic fatigue post stroke fatigue. Unproven but l plan to test it. I believe that this fatigue can be converted into to muscular fatigue.  I have hit the gym a couple of times now and whilst I had the couldn’t be bothered put me to bed feeling all the way to the gym and as l started my workout, the harder l pushed my muscles the less tired fatigue I felt, and the heavier l breathed the more muscle burn and muscle fatigue l felt - a much better fatigue.


This weekend was a tough one physically but my body is growing. Yes at the ripe old age some would say mid age of 55, as a result of the gym work my body is starting to Rebuild.


Will see what tomorrow brings. As a mate and client of mine says “rest is rust”.