My Road Map

Friday, January 12 2018, 3:53PM

Hi everyone


I was talking with Di from the Stroke Foundation and we bought up how there is no "Road Map" for recovery.  I got to thinking about the map that was going on in my mind at the time of my stroke and I have made of map of where my life was at.

The road map I knew and was what I always came back too.  What had I learn't in life previously that was going to help get me through this.


Boggy Creek Road Moyhu -where I grew up asides from a two year stint in Papua New Guinea, primary school

Wangaratta - Secondary School, work, marriage, first home,

Beechworth and Wodonga - Trainee Nursing

Melbourne - where I was transferred to pregnant and very sick with Eclampsia.

Back to Wangaratta - Bury Chelsea

Phillip Island - Went to spend a weekend there after Chelsea's burial.  I had my stroke while walking down main street of Cowes.

Melbourne - sent to Royal Melbourne and given Urokinase  through an angiogram to disolve the clot in my brain stem.

Essendon - Where I attended rehab.

Wangaratta - Back home.


Within that map was my life as I knew it.