Help around the kitchen

Tuesday, December 15 2020, 5:03PM

So a stroke got in the way of my life. A challenge I wasn't expecting but here it is. Embrace it. So I'm no Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, spag on toast was probably the best I could summon up at short notice. Then my sister-in-law introduced this. Well it's opened up a whole new world. Now I'm no salesman or product advocate and I really hope the admins of this site allow me to share but this thing really has made my life easier. When you are cooking for a family of 5 and depending on friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and extended family it can be up to 10, this thing made my day. Yes I am talking about the all-in-one kitchen helper. It slices and dices and can cook just about everything. No more cut fingers and introducing my blood group into the ingredients list. And so many recipes. There is a whole facebook group devoted to this thing and the community loves to share cooking ideas, recipes and hacks. So my advice to you all out there is that there are things that can make life just a little bit easier without cheating too much. When Google home was introduced into the household by one of the teens, access to music, time, weather, recipes and photos could never have been made more simpler. Now I wonder what the neighbour thinks as I'm dancing around the kitchen with a wooden spoon in my hand.undefined