Evaluating attitudes of older adults to sexuality and the relevant supports they need

This research project is evaluating the attitudes, behaviours and perspectives of older adults towards sexuality, to understand the impacts of the ageing experience on sexuality.

Sexuality in this study is referring to your sexual health, sexual activity and intimate relationships. Additionally, it is interested in understanding what community and health supports may be necessary to support older adults in the area of sexuality.

The study involves an anonymous online survey that will take approximately 20–30 minutes. The survey asks questions related to your currently sexual activity and its importance to you, your sexual satisfaction, the barriers and enablers to you seeking information and support for sexual health concerns.

Survey Link: An evaluation of the attitudes of older adults towards sexuality and an exploration of the supports that are required to support older adults in this area (qualtrics.com)

Contact: Dr Claire Lynch (Primary Supervisor and Primary contact) via email: claire.lynch@acu.edu.au

Download a flyer (PDF 245 KB)