Falls after stroke trial

The Falls After Stroke Trial (FAST) is testing a novel at-home exercise and safety training program. It aims to reduce your risk of falling and increase your ability to do daily activities.

The research team seeks people in Sydney or Canberra who have had a stroke in the last 5 years, are aged over 50 years and can walk 10 metres (with or without a walking aid). All participants will receive a detailed assessment from a physiotherapist/occupational therapist.

The intervention involves an exercise program which requires no extra time during the day. Activities you already do like brushing your teeth or making a cup of tea will be perfect opportunities to get steady on your feet.


Trial coordinators Dr Stefanie Mikolaizak and Mrs Sally Day on 02 9351 9989. or email FAST.study@sydney.edu.au

This study is a collaboration between The University of Sydney, Macquarie University and The University of Canberra.

Participant information sheet (PDF 391 KB)