FoCCuS4HEART: Female Carers Co-produce Support for Heart and Emotional health to Address Risk facTors

Researchers from the University of Newcastle are inviting female carers for someone who has had a stroke, to help design a program to improve the overall wellbeing of caregivers.

Our aim is to develop a program which would contain the necessary strategies and tools to help carers better manage their emotional and cardiovascular (heart, brain, and blood vessels) health while caregiving. Your participation and input would help deepen our understanding of the physical and emotional strain caused by being a carer to a stroke survivor, and will hopefully improve and the overall health and quality of life for caregivers.

Female carers aged 18 and over who are informal carers for someone who has had a stroke are eligible to participate.

This study will involve workshops in person or online in which interviews will be conducted, and the participants experiences and opinions regarding this topic would be shared.


If you would like further information, please contact the research team at or or on phone number (02) 4042 0417.

Participant information sheet (PDF 388 KB)