Improving arm function with a virtual dolphin

The effect of exoskeleton supported neurosports on arm function after stroke: a pilot study

This research project from Edith Cowan University aims to use modern gaming technology to improve arm function, mood and cognition.

In this project you submerge in a virtual underwater world and control a virtual dolphin with your arm. The aim is to catch fish and evade predators.

Anti-gravity support will be provided by an exoskeleton. This is a backpack which supports your arms so you can move freely.

The study runs at the NeuroRehabilitation and Robotics Lab at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Western Australia.

You will be offered 20 free training sessions over the course of 7 weeks. Before and after the 20 sessions there will be assessments to evaluate the effect of the training on your health.

This study will test the feasibility of this training in people who suffered a stroke. The study is designed for people who have arm weakness (hemiparesis) because of their stroke, which occurred more than 6 months ago.

Ethics approval has been granted for this project (2019-00873-vandergroen).


Please contact Mrs Kirsten van Rijn for more information ( or call 08 6304 6977

Participant information sheet (PDF 209 KB)