Improving the experience of NDIS for rural and remote Queenslanders with disability

A team of researchers at The Hopkins Centre are helping the NDIS to gain insights unique to Queensland, and provide evidence that could improve NDIS plan utilisation through the perspectives of:  

  • NDIS participants (and non-participants) who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 
  • people living in rural and remote areas of Queensland 
  • family members of NDIS participants 
  • people who provide NDIS supports (paid carers, service providers and community members).

Participants do not need to disclose their name and will never be associated with the data provided.

Participation involves completion of a survey, either online or via phone, which may take between 15–45 minutes and all information remains private.

The survey can be accessed online via:  


For more information, please contact the Project Manager, Karen Younger via email: or mobile: 0493 370 874

Participant information sheet (PDF 264 KB)