Lived-experience experts for the study ‘Patient preferences for upper limb therapy following stroke’

Researchers from St Vincent's Health Network Sydney, South Western Sydney Local Health District, Monash University and The University of Sydney are seeking stroke survivors to join their team looking at people's preferences regarding constraint-induced movement therapy for arm recovery.

Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) is an effective treatment for arm recovery following stroke, and it is strongly recommended in the national stroke guidelines. However, routine delivery of CIMT remains poor.

There has been limited research exploring the acceptability of CIMT from a stroke survivor’s perspective. It is well established that when patient preferences for treatment are taken into account, uptake and compliance improves, leading to better health outcomes and improved cost effectiveness.

The research team are planning to investigate patient preferences for arm rehabilitation using a discrete choice experiment. Discrete choice experiments (DCEs) are a type of survey based on theories from economics and psychology. They originated in marketing, but are increasingly used in healthcare because they provide a unique way to quantitatively measure patient preferences for health and health care.

For example, discrete choice experiments allow us to measure how long people would be willing to constrain their unaffected arm if it means their recovery is faster.  This research will aim to identify what components of arm therapy are most important to stroke survivors, and how can CIMT be delivered to maximise patient uptake. 

The research team are seeking to engage with a stroke survivor or survivors with an interest in this topic to join them as lived-experience expert(s).

See an Outline of the role with key duties and support offered for lived-experience experts (DOCX 23 KB)


For further details, please contact Lauren Christie, Coordinating Principal Investigator, Senior Research Fellow - Allied Health, St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney.

Phone: 0436 853 797