Palliative care workforce capabilities framework: consumer interviews

The Palliative Care Education and Training Collaborative at Queensland University of Technology is conducting research to establish a new consensus-based capability framework that spells out the skills and attributes that healthcare providers need in palliative care.

This research will allow us to update our current frameworks to ensure education of the future workforce is evidence-based and informed by the perspectives of a range of stakeholders including consumers.

We want to understand your experience and expectations, and make sure we don't miss things that are important to you and other people who require palliative care services.

Participation will involve attending one group interview with approximately 5–8 other participants for a duration of approximately 60 minutes. The interviews will be conducted online via the Zoom platform. Instead of a group interview, we can conduct the individual interviews either online or by phone.

Prior to the interview, the research team will provide some brief background information about what is currently known about the skills and attributes required of health professionals who provide palliative care.

The interview will ask about your perceptions of what is involved in quality palliative care, experiences of care, and expectations of health professionals who are involved in providing palliative care services. Participants will be offered a Mastercard prepaid gift card to the value of $100 to compensate for their time and input.


If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Dr Joanna Rego via email or phone 07 3138 0135.

Participant information sheet (DOCX 48 KB)