Pilot study of a group therapy program for individuals with emotion dysregulation after an acquired brain injury

Following a brain injury, there are many reasons that you may have difficulty regulating your emotions, including injury to emotion centres in the brain and/or due to the effect of major life changes you have experienced as a result of your injury.

The ER-ABI group program will introduce a range of strategies to help you to better understand and regulate your emotions.

As this is part of a research project there will be no fee for attendance and you will receive a small travel reimbursement for expenses incurred traveling to the clinic (Robin Winkler Clinic at The University of Western Australia). An initial assessment will be required to ensure the program is right for you.

The group is designed for people who have sustained an acquired brain injury in the last 24 months (at the time of commencement of the group). Each group consists of eight weekly two-hour sessions and one follow-up session.


For more details email Natalie Pepping at er-abigroup@uwa.edu.au or call 08 6488 2644.

Clinical group participant information sheet (PDF 136 KB)
Study partner information sheet (PDF 83 KB)

Ethics approval has been granted for this project (RA/4/20/5902).