Seeking survivors of stroke for interviews with Masters students

Who it’s for: Survivors of stroke
What it involves: Interview
Where: Online (Australia) or in-person WA


This project involves students who are studying a neuroscience course at the University of Western Australia. The aim is to teach these students about the impact of neurological conditions, including stroke. This can be impact on personal life, work and/or family and friends.

Students then write a report on the general medical and scientific background of the condition and compare this to the information provided in the interview. They also give an oral presentation to other students in the course and their course coordinators.


Survivors of stroke are invited to participate in an informal interview with a small group of students (maximum of 3) which may take 30–60 minutes.

The students will ask questions about your road to diagnosis, impact of your condition on your life, strategies you may have to overcome specific issues you encounter. You can choose whether to answer all questions or only some of them.

The interview can be conducted via phone or online using Teams or Zoom, or in-person at the The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA.


Participant information sheet (DOCX 80 KB)


Wilhelmina (Helmy) Mulders, Associate Professor, University of Western Australia
08 6488 3321 or 0448 523 338