StandingTall-Rehab: Co-designing a digital rehabilitation program for stroke recovery

Who it’s for: Survivors of stroke, family members or carers
What it involves: Interview
Where: Online (Australia) or in-person NSW


This project led by Neuroscience Research Australia aims to improve physical mobility and overall health outcomes, by co-designing a comprehensive digital rehabilitation program called ‘StandingTall-Rehab’.


  • Survivors of stroke, family members and carers over the age of 18 years, and
  • You are no longer staying hospital to receive treatment for a medical condition.


A one-off 60 minute interview where you will be asked to provide some personal and demographic information about yourself, such as your name, age, email address, details about your health condition and what treatment you have received for it/how you are managing this condition.

The interview can be held online via video-conference or in-person at:

Neuroscience Research Australia
Randwick NSW 2031.


Participant information sheet (PDF 399 KB)


For more information, please contact Lillian Miles, Research Assistant, Neuroscience Research Australia via email to or phone 02 9399 1142.