Stroke survivors and carers' experiences of modified constraint-induced movement therapy in an early-supported discharge rehabilitation service

Constraint-induced movement therapy is strongly recommended by Stroke Foundation for stroke survivors to receive as part of their arm rehabilitation after stroke.

This study aims to understand the experiences of stroke survivors and carers who have received or supported this therapy. The researchers will do this through one-on-one interviews with research participants.

The researchers are seeking a stroke survivor and a carer of a stroke survivor to partner in our study to:

  • Review the themes the research identified to provide their insights and own lived experiences in the interpretation of the themes for their respective groups (i.e., stroke survivor, carer).
  • Review the themes to ensure important information for each respective theme isn't lost when both groups' themes are combined.
  • Help with sharing the findings of this study among your networks.


Ashan Weerakkody, Senior Physiotherapist - Neurology/Stroke via email or phone 0451 305 593

Patient information sheet (DOCX 209 KB)
Carer information sheet (DOCX 209 KB)