Support After Stroke using group-based classeS: The SASS Study

Researchers from Monash University are looking for volunteer presenters who are experts in the below topics or stroke survivors themselves (where relevant) to share knowledge and guidance principles on the relevant topic for participants in The SASS Study.

The study aims to test the potential effectiveness of two alternate group-based intervention classes provided for 12 weeks to survivors of stroke living in the community. The presentations focus on lifestyle management strategies for life ‘after stroke’ to support greater self-management and independence.

Pre-recording of the presentations will be facilitated online, approximately 15–30 minutes in length and supported by a slide template kit provided by the research team.

Volunteer presenters are sought for topics in this series including:

  • using technology
  • nutritional cooking
  • travel experiences
  • internet for beginners
  • pastimes/hobbies
  • sharing experience from a survivor
  • getting out and about the community with disability aids.


For more information please contact Dr Tash Thayabaranathan on 03 8572 2646 or