Teaching educators about acquired brain injury (Teach-ABI Australia)

The Murdoch Children's Research Institute and the University of Melbourne are looking for Australian primary school teachers, principals and other educators to provide their feedback on a novel online-learning module that aims to educate teaching professionals about paediatric acquired brain injury (ABI) in the classroom.

Teach-ABI Australia was created to raise educators’ awareness and knowledge of ABI and promote positive outcomes for children with ABI in the education system.

Participation in this study will involve a 2-hour session, completed remotely on Zoom, where participants will complete the online module and provide their feedback through an interview and a few short surveys.

Feedback from this study will be used to ensure the module best meets the needs of Australian educators. This is a great opportunity to help shape more inclusive classrooms in the future.

Teachers can express interest on our online Participant information and consent form (mcri.edu.au), or by scanning the QR code on our Recruitment poster (PDF).


For more information about this study please contact the study coordinator Marnie Drake, marnie.drake@mcri.edu.au.

Participant information and consent form (PDF 248 KB)

Recruitment poster (PDF 162 KB)