The impact of negative illness perceptions on engagement in community rehabilitation activities in the chronic stroke population

Illness perceptions refer to a person's understanding, and beliefs regarding their condition and treatment. This study aims to investigate the relationship between negative illness perceptions and participation in rehabilitation activities or physical activity after stroke.

The research team are looking for people who have had a stroke over six months ago and live in the community to join the study. Participants who are interested may contact the investigators and will undergo a brief telephone screen to determine if they are suitable to join this study.

Suitable participants will be required to come to ACU health clinics for about 30 minutes to complete a short survey and two brief questionnaires to complete the screening process. They will then be provided an activity log in which they will be asked to record their exercise or rehabilitation activities on a daily basis, over a four-week period.

The results from this study will help clinicians identify whether illness perceptions affect rehabilitation outcomes, and if so, address these early in recovery.


For more information on this study, please contact the investigators Suzanne Kuys and Andrea Saverymuthapulle on 07 3861 6049 or via email at