Understanding the health and support needs of younger people with disabilities discharged from hospitals to residential aged care

We are looking for feedback on our research from younger people (<65 years old) living in residential aged care, their carers, and their families.

The study aims to examine the pathways younger people take into residential aged care, as well as their health outcomes living in residential aged care. Participants will talk to a researcher and give feedback on our research plan, and give advice on spreading research findings.

There will be 8 sessions over 3 years, with each session between half an hour to an hour in length. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you wish. The researcher can meet you in person at a location of your choosing, or contact you over the phone or via teleconference.

Participants will need to be located in the greater Sydney region. You can engage a care-worker to help talk to the researcher if you wish.

Each participant will be compensated $250 for each session to cover time and travel costs.


If interested, contact Adrian Walker at adrian.walker@unsw.edu.au, or phone at 02 9385 1873.