Views of adults with slurred speech on speech-language therapy and new treatments

This study from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, is collecting the views of people with slurred speech (dysarthria) on current speech therapy practices for slurring of speech.

The researchers also want to know whether people with slurred speech would be interested in participating in research into new treatment opportunities.  

The study involves a short online questionnaire that may take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Participants need to:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have dysarthria (slurring of speech) due to a medical condition or accident, such as, stroke, Parkinson's disease or head injury
  • have attended or are currently attending speech-language therapy to treat slurring of speech
  • have functional (working) English language abilities.

The online questionnaire is available at

Participation in the study is voluntary. Unless you optionally provide your e-mail address, data will be collected anonymously. Hence, once the questionnaire is completed, withdrawal from participation is not possible as there is no way to link your responses to the data collected. Should you be interested in participating in future research on slurring of speech, you will still be given the option to voluntarily provide your e-mail address.


For more information regarding the questionnaire, contact the lead researcher, Pasquale Balzan on

Participant information sheet (219 KB)
Information sheet for participants with communication difficulties (393 KB)