Amity Health Adult Communication Group

Amity Health, 136 Lockyer Ave, Albany, WA, 6330

Amity Health conducts a weekly communication group for people living with communication impairments resulting from stroke and degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

The group meets on a Thursday from 9.30–11 am at Amity Health, 136 Lockyer Avenue Albany, and is run by Amity Health’s Speech Pathologist and Allied Health Assistant.

The group uses a social communication model to encourage participants to communicate by any means they have available to them—speaking, reading, writing, drawing, gesture, and alternative communication devices—while supporting socialisation and skill development.

There is a fee of $5 per week to cover administrative costs, tea/coffee and refreshments. Consideration will be given to anyone unable to pay.

Membership criteria

  • Membership is open to any adult person living with long-term communication impairment resulting from stroke or degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.
  • Members must have their own transport to and from Amity Health.
  • Members must be independent in personal care including toileting. If they are not, they may attend the group with a carer who can assist them.
  • The group is unable to cater for individuals with significant behavioural issues due to their condition.

Please contact us before your first visit to arrange attendance.


Danneka Andreotti at Amity Health (08) 9842 2797.