Co-designing a health service model for the young stroke community


Young stroke survivors (aged 18 to 55 years) experience many needs that are not well catered for in current health systems. Developing appropriate services is vitally important for providing best-quality support to young stroke survivors and their families.

This project aims to develop a model for new services catering to young-stroke survivors. The researchers seek to build understanding about the needs of the young stroke community, their preferences for services to be provided in clinics, and the services and service gaps that exist currently.

The researchers would like to hear from stroke survivors and/or their carers (family members or significant others). The team are particularly interested in stroke survivors (and/or carers of survivors) with aphasia or difficulties with communication, or difficulties with thinking skills or memory, as well as survivors in the early stages of recovery.

Participants will be invited to complete an interview with one of our researchers. Interviews may occur via internet videoconferencing (Zoom or Skype), or if the participant lives in Victoria, interviews may occur via home visit or at the Austin or Alfred hospitals.


Please contact David Lawson at the Florey Institute on 03 9035 7034 or