Patient Experience, Expectations and Knowledge (PEEK) Stroke Study

Centre for Community-Driven Research, Midland, WA, 6056

The Centre for Community-Driven Research (CCDR) is conducting a research study in stroke.

The research study is called PEEK, which stands for Patient Experience, Expectations and Knowledge, and the aim of the study is to understand patient experience and expectations to inform future treatments, services, support and information.

Participants are eligible if they have had a stroke, are an adult aged 18 or over, and are living in Australia.

What is involved?

The study will include an online questionnaire that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, as well as a structured interview by telephone that will take approximately 30–45 minutes. The structured interview is conducted with one of our nurses and is a great opportunity for people to talk about and document their experience to benefit others in the future.

In our past studies, participants have found that participating in the study made them feel good because they had the chance to reflect on their experience and talk about it, and also help others in the future.

Find out more on the CCDR website, or register online for the PEEK Stroke Study.

Participant information sheet (PDF)


If you would like any further information concerning this project, you can contact Klair Bayley at the Centre for Community-Driven Research (CDDR) at, or by calling 0422 971 493.