How do I suggest things that have helped me?

  • Make sure you are signed in.
  • Go to your navigation menu.
  • The main navigation menu is to your left.
  • Click on Community.

Navigation menu with community highlighted

  • The community navigation menu will appear.
  • Click on What helps me.

  • You are now at the What helps me page.

  • Click the Tell us what works for you button.

  • You will be taken to the Suggest a product or service page.

  • Click on the Product name box.
  • Type in the name of the product, service or support group.

  • Click on the Product description box.
  • Type in a description of the product, service or support group.

  • Click on the Your rating of the product (where 5 is very good) drop down.
  • Select the appropriate rating from the list.

  • For Select a type, click on the tick box beside all that apply.

  • Click on the Select a category drop down.
  • Select the category from the list.

Forum topic select category drop down

  • If there is a video available on YouTube, click on the Does this product have a video? box.
  • Type in, or paste, a relevant YouTube link.

  • If the product, service or support group has a website, click on the Is there a website for this product? box.
  • Type in, or paste, the website address, including the http://.

  • If the product, service or support group has a cost, click on the Price box.
  • Type in the price.

  • Click on the Please specify location drop down.
  • Select the appropriate location from the list.

  • If there are specific address details complete the Country, Address, Suburb, State and Post Code boxes.

  • Once done, click the Ask your question button.
Ask your question button

How do i find things that will help me?

  • go to the navigation menu.
  • click on what helps me.


  • next click on what helps me
  • you will go to the what helps me page.
  • this menu is in the center of the page.
  • support groups will show you a list of support groups. 
  • reading list will show you a list of reading material.
  • technology and apps will provide you with stroke related apps.
  • tips and tricks will provide you with a list of tips and tricks.


  • the All button.
  • the All button will show all content.             

  • clicking on the more button will give you these options.


  • clicking on each option will list content related to that option.
  • to tell us what works for you.
  • click the button tell us what works for you.
  • next fill in the form.
  • click submit your product.
  • congratulations you have submitted a product!