After a stroke, there are a few things that can affect your sex life. These include physical changes, emotional or relationship changes, and medication.

Some people are afraid to start having sex again but it’s important to know there is no connection between sex and having another stroke. There is so much happening in the weeks and months after a stroke that for some, sex just isn’t a priority. Others are keen to resume sex with their partners as soon as possible.

When you are ready to have sex again with your partner, or if you start to think about dating, there may be a few things to consider.

If your stroke has impacted your physical abilities, there may be practical limitations you need to work around. Pain or altered sensation or can also interfere. You can experiment to find what works for you. You may also benefit from advice on positioning and other techniques that can make it easier.

How you feel about yourself and any changes to your appearance and abilities can have a profound affect. Your self-esteem may have taken a bit of a battering, and the strong emotions that are normal after stroke can disrupt your interest in sex.  Sometimes relationship changes or tensions have an impact. If you have a partner, the obvious place to start if by talking to them.  The normal advice for any relationship applies – communicate openly and respectfully, build your connection with each other, share enjoyable activities and have a date night whenever you can.

Medication can interfere with sexual response, and some medical conditions may cause problems. This makes it important to talk to your doctor if you are experiencing problems.

There is a lot of great advice out there about sex after stroke so check out the resources on this page. You may also find that you need advice specific to you. Some people are comfortable raising these issues with their doctor or health professional, while others find it mortifying. Remember that health professionals are there to help you with all aspects of life after stroke. You definitely won’t be the first to have questions, and you won’t be the last. So be brave and ask!

A stroke can change your sex life.

This is because of things like:
  • physical changes 
  • emotional or relationship changes 
  • medication.

You might be afraid to start having sex again.

But don’t worry.

There is no connection between sex and having another stroke.

Everyone is different when it comes to sex.

Some people don’t feel like having sex.

Others want to start having sex with their partners.

Physical changes

You might have physical limitations.

You might also have pain.

Experiment to find what works for you.

Emotional changes

You might feel differently about yourself.

You might feel strong emotions.

If you have a partner, the best thing to do is talk to them.

Talk to them openly.

Build your connection with each other.

Do things you enjoy together.

Have a date night whenever you can.


Some medicines can interfere with sex.

Talk to your doctor about this.

Talking about sex

There is lots of great advice about sex after stroke on this website.

Some people find it hard to talk about sex.

Remember that your doctor is there to help you with all aspects of life.

You won’t be the first to have questions!

Be brave and ask.

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