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    Touch and sensation

    In this episode, we talk about how stroke can affect the way you experience the world around you, as well as the way you move.

    Touch and sensation

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    MedAdvisor App

    The Stroke Foundation has partnered with MedAdvisor, a FREE app, to help you organise and order your medications, from your smart phone, tablet or computer by connecting you to your local pharmacy. With MedAdvisor, you can pre-order your medications; receive reminders about when to take your medications or when to fill a script; and manage the medications of loved ones. 

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  • Word of the day

    Goal setting

    Goal setting is defining what you want to achieve and making a plan to get there. Your plan can outline the steps you will take and set milestones to keep track of your progress.

    For similar information see Rehabilitation

    Goal setting means deciding what you want to do. 

    It also means making a plan to get there. 

    Your plan will include what steps you will take.

    It helps you keep track of your progress.

    See Rehabilitation