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    Neuroplasticity and recovery with Peter Levine

    For our 5th anniversary we revisit neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change. To find out what’s new and how to use it for stroke recovery, we talk to Peter Levine, the author of Stronger After Stroke.

    Neuroplasticity and recovery with Peter Levine

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    A Caregiver's Survival Guide: How to Stay Healthy When Your Loved One is Sick

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    Family meeting

    A formal meeting between the patient, their family and members of the stroke team. A family meeting is an opportunity to discuss the person’s condition, treatment and care. This is a chance to get needed information and to talk through any concerns, with everyone present.

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    A family meeting is when you and your family meet with the people looking after you. 

    During the meeting, everyone can find out about what’s happening. 

    This includes asking questions. 

    You can find about your condition.

    You can talk about what the care team is doing to look after you. 

    You can find out what care you need in the future. 

    See Questions to ask or Becoming a carer