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    In this podcast, we talk about the impact of invisible and hidden disabilities, how to make others understand and some things you can do to live well while dealing with them.

    Hidden disability

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    The Stroke Foundation has partnered with MedAdvisor, a FREE app, to help you organise and order your medications, from your smart phone, tablet or computer by connecting you to your local pharmacy. With MedAdvisor, you can pre-order your medications; receive reminders about when to take your medications or when to fill a script; and manage the medications of loved ones. 

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    Surgical technique for restoring normal blood flow through an artery narrowed or blocked by atherosclerosis. It is done by either by inserting a balloon into the narrowed section and inflating it, or by using a laser beam.

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    Angioplasty is a type of surgery. 

    Doctors use it when you have a blocked artery.

    They try to open the artery so blood can flow through it. 

    They can do this by inflating a small balloon inside the artery. 

    They can also use lasers. 

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