A new chapter

Thursday, September 21 2017, 10:10PM

It was early July 2017, I went to bed watching Tour de France just before falling asleep around 11pm. At around 2am l woke up with the belief that the earths gravitational pull had intensified and that the world was in for hell of a shock in the morning.


The earths gravitation of course hadn't changed. I had had a stroke.


The Sunshine Coast hospital ran the tests and on day 2 confirmed what l knew from the inside looking out - it was a stroke with an impact to my left side.


The "inside looking out" was something l was regularly aware not only in the initial days but in the weeks since and it was important as l assessed my abilities or more accurately capabilities with my new body.


I say new body because the one l had previously was the one that had laid down to sleep early July watching Tour de France. My new body was what l woke up too and what l started with next day.


At 55 years of age the toughest workout of my life was about to begin.