Ostrich head of the male

Friday, April 13 2018, 12:20AM

i attended s great Gympie stroke meeting with guest speaker Libby telling us of her story especially speak theraphy, which will help many of our group . But I noticed a feeling of uneasiness creep over me as we delved into stroke it’s self , and as usual as a male Woose I did not want to think of the realities of what my problem is or could be again , I As a male doge the truths of situations , I mean I can’t eatch disabled or sick kids stories on tv , I feel too much , but today as facts came up through the comprehensive talk , I listened intently realising sticking my head in the sand like an Ostrich was not going to help me , and as for goals , I had none realy because I’m still in denial , no not the river in Egypt, but why did I need goals when there’s nothing wrong with me , it just a clerical error , but today I set a goal after talking with a lady lefty like me and I’m going to coax my left arm to lean on a crutch type stick and do more walking , because I’m the company of other strokies I feel lasy and unworthy of the title , lol.  So never say never is my new motto and although I like to roll , I’m going to experiment with a leftie stick , even if it’s only for show in the beginning mane it will inspire my left side to “ Get with the program” so I realise that “ No man is an Island “ and this “Mere Male “ is open to help from others in groups and expert speakers , I encourage others to realise your limitations like me , as it’s not only stroke , it’s pride , and I’ve decided not to let myself hinder my improvement , thanks to all opportunity’s to improve , be it self therapy via a blog , or getting out to social stroke group meeting , and to set a goal of looking the part with a leftie stick , but I’m still keeping my stable of 3 manual wheelchairs an electric chair and s mobility scooter , I’m not rich it’s saving  and  of course Gumtree and Op Shops , ,come on guys don’t hold yourself back , don’t worry if you can spell like me , get it out and surprise yourself how good it feels, Jimbo in limbo