My Tree

Wednesday, July 12 2017, 10:38PM


This is my favorite tree.


It survived through floods, typhoons, and storms. A little bit like my life after the stroke. Today is the 3rd 'anniversary' and I am feeling pretty good about that.


When I look back, even 7 months ago (last blog at EnableMe), I can see that I am in a better place, calmer, more positive, more in tuned in life, and able to sit back and enjoy the sun, wind, heat (actually, I don't like it anymore!), people and more moods.


To remember what it felt 6 months, a year, or two years from my stroke, makes me sad. To feel what I went through was a terrible nightmare. I hope no one never has to deal with the loss of two languages and the lack of communication with the family. So, this post and shot show that we can overcome our deficits and/or find a better and comfortable place in our worlds.


This tree has had a tough life, but it is still standing, strong and defiance, like us.


Find your tree, embrace it, love it, and hold onto it.

I am holding mine.