Stroke Artist

Thursday, October 11 2018, 12:04PM

I had never been a artist or a steel man ever. But at 57 I had a stroke and some how my right brain went nuts and I was a instant artist found by accident in a bet with a mate. I made a little Ned Kelly and the rest is history. Because the first bit of steel art was little Ned and because I am Australian and Ned’s a legend here. I called my art business [ Ned Kelly's Steel art] Look it up on face book. I draw and play concerto's on piano from 1900s and write them in ancient letters. I also play guitar . All created from my stroke. So I call it a stroke of good luck. I want all stroke victims to know there is something in you that you can do no matter how much disability you have . There is something in you that you don't know you have or can do yet that just needs accessing. I am 75 percent blind in my left eye and still numb and have a bit going on . But was on a walking stick - Did not know my name. Could not use  a speedball in my gym . Could not ride my push bike. Could not play my drums.  And now after finding my art talent by accident and moving and working on it every day. I now can do all those things. There are no more turn the tap off or stove signs all over the house any more. You to all have something you don't know about in you that can be re wired to give you a better and great life again. I am not angry any more. I love my self unconditionally. I am looking for some one to help me tell my story interview me and write my book  for me so I can help others all over the world that are victims of stroke. Thank you for reading my little stroke story. Love and happiness to you all. And if anyone can help - please contact me. Ralphy