My poetry continued

Saturday, April 14 2018, 7:41PM

Hi everyone,


I created a poetry blog last year and it has become to big to continue.  So I'll start a new one.

I am an avid writer with a memoir well underway, which will include a lot of my poetry.  So as I am retelling my story as you can imagine I walk through many a common thread for us survivors.  Where I am at in my story has bought about this verse.




Today my eyes were wide open.

And an unfiltered stream of life flowed into my thirsty brain.

I wondered about everything that settled into parched crevasses of my mind.

Like seeing greying pieces of coral light up with colour.

Alive with activity.

Matching this tsunami of stimulation:

Comes noise.

Sounds that settle onto swollen bruised surfaces inside tender ear canals.

Vibrating relentlessly on delicate membrane.

Linking  these two normalities of life makes my head hurt.

Then comes the need to say something.

To contribute to life.

I hesitate before continuing boldly.

My contribution.

What will happen to my voice as I respond to life?


Sue 14.4.2018