Making a noise, making a difference

Wednesday, September 16 2020, 8:39PM


See that fence ?
That barrier ?
Between me and the sun tree ?
I see it - but it never stopped me because I was to busy looking towards the light.
Filling myself with enough love and hope to rise above any boundary or judgement put in my way.
See that glow ?
Reaching out ?
That was me coming back into Stroke Spaces nearly 5 years ago.
My love and compassion for all the rawness people were expressing.
Surely, Surely there had been more progress to see and hear people living with stroke since my own stroke in 1993.
Hmmmm maybe not.....
So I made a noise
My private self, joined a team making a noise to be seen and heard as we are
Why ?
Because nobody living with stroke should be ignored or treated like they are less than human
See that ?
See that shift ?
It's about time and I'm glad we made a noise 😊

undefinedSue xo