Brainstem haemorrhage recovery.

Tuesday, August 27 2019, 9:14PM

Hello, I just want to ask some general questions regarding my mother who is a dialysis patient for the past 5 years and suffered a brain stem bleed on 16th august 2019 and it's 27th August 2019 today. She suffered a brain stem bleed due to high blood pressure. But the thing is that on 18-19 august she had a good recovery and was responding well. She could move her left hand but still had weakness in that hand. She could even speak but her speech wasn't very understandable but still she tried speaking. She could open and move her eyes, although both her eyes were a bit distorted. But suddenly on 20th morning after a session of dialysis she wasn't responding and only reacted to pain so the doctors shifted her to a ventilator support and since then her consciousness is fluctuating and not stable. Her bp and diabetes level are now normal and stable. The only thing concerning for us is that her consciousness is not stable so for that reason they can't remove her from the ventilator.

So my question is.-

Is it normal for brainstem bleed patients to come in and out of consciousness. She is always feeling drowsy. It's the 11th day today after she suffered a brainstem haemorrhage and whenever she is a bit conscious she opens her eyes, turns her head, moves both her hand a bit, and nods her head when asked questions. Her consciousness is not stable and that is the thing that is concerning us. Is it normal? Her age is 59 and is suffering from kidney failure and is on dialysis for the past 5 years.