Saturday, December 01 2018, 7:03PM

Hi everyone,

There has been some talk on EnableMe lately about Vulnerability. A word I have become very familiar with over the years.

I watch with respect as people post and Blog about their vulnerabilities. Knowing what a risk this is in a world which can seem unnecessarily  judgmental.

I felt very vulnerable as I began to put my thoughts out into Cyberspace when I found and began to trust EnableMe.  Once I started I began to sense the beginnings of a deep exhale.

So I put pen to paper this morning, became quiet, became reflective and hopeful all at once.


I need to hold this word with care and kindness.

Like I am holding myself with the fragility of a delicate fern or a newly hatched chick.

Exposing all that I am while going the business of living, takes courage.

I don't know what trail will be left as the layers are peeled back. i only know that I won't pretend to be something I'm not for the expectation of others.

The risk for me not to be vulnerable is like the risk I would take not to love.

And I am not willing to live my life without love.

As I step out of the shadows, not knowing for one moment if I am safe.

My breath is long and deep.

I visualise peace weaving it's way into the chaos left from a life lived with purpose and passion.

Bringing vulnerability into my life was at first not so simple.

I wasn't familiar with the reach of where this could lead.

Or that by allowing vulnerability into my world I would be gifted and overflowing cup, abundant in joy and love.

Respecting vulnerability leaves a fierce force of strength that anything is possible.

Sue xxoo