Disarthria disaster

Monday, October 23 2017, 8:35PM


After a right side stroke 4 months ago I lost the use of my left limbs (very annoying for a left hander) and speech disarthria. Fortunately my cognition and memory are fine.


I am making some progress with standing and walking and using my arm but my speech seems unchanged. I am in complete despair with this because I can't see any pathway to regaining some normality and naturalness in my speech. My therapists have shown me some strategies for communication which are quite helpful but it seems to aimed to be making the best of what I've got rather than long term improvement. It is exhausting having  to modify. my speech to make myself understood  not to mention constantly repeating myselff. Phone calls either personal or business are quite impossible and I try to avoid any situations where I would have to talk .


i would just like to hear from anyone who has made a recovery from disarthria (slurred, stuttering and uneven speech) to something resembling nresembling natural speech.  I have tried googling disarthria and can't find any success stories. There is a lot about disphasia but not disarthria.


I will lose all motivation for my other rehab if I think I 

will be talking like this for the rest of my lifetime. Please help!