All talk - little help

Friday, February 09 2018, 8:48AM

Well, it has been about four and a half months since my cerebellar/parietal lobe strokes. During that time I have been self governing my recovery along with five free hydro therapy physio sessions; thanks to the Care Plan initiative. When I was in hospital I was told that if I needed help for mobility or 'mental' issues I could access these through the out patient clinics. Here in lies the catch. To access these services you need to either pay or have a Care Plan in place. Damn! I have just used my fifth freebie on hydro therapy and am now not eligible for further freebies until 2019. My physio has filled out an NDIS application in the hope that they will grant me access to funds so I can continue regular hydro therapy sessions (I can only privately afford half the monthly sessions required). However, my physio has said that I may be 'knocked back' as I am not totally disabled! As for the 'mental' health issues, I phoned the TIA clinic that I attended after my discharge from hospital; they transferred me to the hospital Social Worker who informed me that I could attend the out patient clinic but at a cost as my Care Plan has been used for physio. So, I am now at the point where, if I get no financial help, my recovery program through my physio will slow to a crawl and my 'mental' state will . . . well?! Anyhoo, just felt like venting. Tomorrow I post off the form for the NDIS - wish me luck!