Stroke survivor Kit

Monday, March 05 2018, 8:46AM

(Draft)List for stroke Survivor Information map

1.collection of personal accounts/stories with input from both survivor and families

  1. focus points to begin recovery, such as resources, govt assistance and personal goals, such as relearning skills: balance/core strength, speech and muscle control – everything that was automatic pre-stroke, now has to be relearnt. Saliva control. Swallowing

Developing new approach to accomplish tasks eg. Slow methodical approach, deep breaths

Focus on things you can still do, not those you can no longer do

  1. attend your local stroke group – you’ll be surprised how many from all walks of life have strokes
  2. obtain a govt. companion card, disability parking permit and taxi voucher scheme ( from the Transport for NSW or your state’ s equivalent (Australia)

Register for the housing dept rent subsidy scheme as this can take years (Australia)

  1. Speech therapy at least annually to regain control over speech, eating and swallowing

Obtain counselling services for you and your family to deal with the catastrophe you have survived (It is not only you who has to deal with this, your family do too)

  1. Books worth reading
  2. Exercises you should do or investigate at least
  3. play mahjong online as well as Lumosity to stimulate your brain, which will accelerate your recovery and regain control over the muscles that previous to your stroke, you operated automatically

9 and one of the most important goals you should have - Focus on strengthening your core and remember the stronger your core the easier your life will be! All you have to do is clench and relax your stomach muscles. You can do this lying down in bed or even when you are sitting down watching TV. You will not believe the difference it will make to the control you will regain over your body.

If you need any other information on my experience to assist you please email

  1. If you smoke or drink alcohol and want to stop read the Allen Carr books as these really work!

If you are over 55 get an aged care assessment (ACAT) Aged Care Assessment team

After checking with your doctor to ensure it won’t clash with any of your medication, take Betamin B1 100mg, they will make an incredible difference to your energy levels as well as your ability to concentrate

Utilise You Tube as a reference resource as you will be amazed at how many stories other stroke survivors and their families have put on there

  1. See an orthotist when you look to get an artificial foot orthotic (AFO) not the arbitrary person who makes his living selling them but someone actually trained to make these based on your specific needs. It is really important as once your leg loses its muscle tone, you will find the basic AFO will fall off. The hospital you spend your rehabilitation in will recommend someone they are familiar with but it is not likely to be anyone with specialised training and if you need to find someone, please email for a recommendation
  2. Try to strengthen your mouth and lip muscles by whistling or blowing up a balloon if you are able

11 : Some books that you may benefit from reading or look at the list compiled by the stroke foundation @:

  1. Running free by Cate Allett
  2. 3am by unknown author
  3. A stroke of Insight by Jill Taylor, M.D.
  4. ‘The brain that changes itself’ and the ‘brain’s way of healing’ by Norman Doidge M.D.
  5. Penguin Bloom by Cameron Bloom

 Help:please Ladies? I am trying to put a Stroke Survivor Guide together to help any new Stroke Survivors but need a females' perspective  around clothing. As a man I buy my clothes 2 sizes larger than I need to give me  the flexibility to get them on given my left side is paralysed, I would be grateful for other opinions please anyone?