So Simple And So Rewarding (And Something To Do If Isolated)o

Saturday, March 21 2020, 7:10PM

Hi, I had a stroke in 2012 and I have tried many , many things since, in my journey of  rehab. Recently I have embraced (with a lot of encouragement and support from my husband)  a new endeavour that helps brain retraining and also provides a wonderful sense of achievement and satisfaction.

I have got totally engaged with colouring in complex (but as complex as YOU want to make it) supplied artwork. There is a real art to this including use of gel pens  and watercolour pencils that allow you to merge colours and taper colouring to the edges with a wet brush.

I have to use my left (unnatural)  hand to do this work which makes it all the more rewarding. Prior to my stroke I enjoyed detailed needle work such as hardanger and cross stitch down to the level of  counting threads. This new endeavour can be just as intricate.  I find it a worthwhile alternative that I can actually do and I feel rewarded doing it.

The materials required to do this work are

very reasonably priced - 40 gel pens for $5! And multi page books start from $6 also.

24 watercolour  pencils with a special brush included for $14.

You can get details on how to use these pens and pencils with youtube tutorials on google.

I would be happy to share my limited experiences too.

Have a go it is very rewarding work.

Cheers Joy