Thursday, November 07 2019, 3:22PM


I was at an appointment this morning and we were using strengths based cards.

I pulled out a card which had "Hard Working" with a picture of an animal building a brick wall.

This immediately resonated with me in so many ways.

I continue to work hard in life.

The bricks and mortar

I remember looking out the window from my hospital bed at the Royal Melborune Hospital in 1993. The very acute days after my stroke.

There was a brick wall for my entertainment, in the distance a car park block and of course the sky with it's beautiful clouds and reminder of the day's passing.

The brick wall offered me some things to think about.

I could begin counting the bricks.

I could look at the shapes of the bricks, seeing the different textures and colours.

I could look at the mortar between the bricks which allowed the wall stability.

I thought about my dad mixing concrete in the concrete mixer to build our house from my childhood.

And I thought about the actual hospital being built, wondering when It was built, knowing the collective work needed at the time to build a hospital, who's vision was it? What did that group of people hope for the hospital, for the people it reached.

I wondered about the people involved in the actual building of that wall and imagined the dangerous lengths workers would have needed to go to as it was built.

I wondered about work places injuries from the build and how that may have impacted families from back in the day. I hoped they were looked after.

I thanked the process of however many people were involved in allowing me the chance to look out that window, grateful for my whole life.

Nobody knew any of this.

The brick wall reminded me of stability and hard work.

Sue xo