Vertigo for life

Friday, November 15 2019, 1:03PM

As part of my cerebral bleed, a couple of months after the surgery, I had vertigo for the first time.  I was lying down in bed , ready for a great night's sleep, and I lost all sense of space and where I was in terms of the room.  I had nystagmus, which is when my eyes are rotating by themselves.

I was hospitalised and told that I had another stroke but it was vertigo - much better than another stroke but now I have been told that I will have vertigo for life.

Is it alright to be pissed off? 

I can't lie down without spinning so I have to lie down gently and stay in the one spot.  During sleep, I move naturally in bed and it causes me to spin out.  

I feel lucky that I have most of my speech and movement under control - it only gets really bad late at night or if I'm cold.