Tuesday, May 12 2020, 9:43AM

I've written about helpful books along the way of recovery.  I have a thirst for information which will nourish my curiosity and provide me with education to match up lived experience with ongoing exploration of the world around me.

This is my current list of good reads, helpful reads and reads because I find the topic interesting.

When the body says no - the hidden cost of stress - Gabor  Mate

The body keeps the score: Brain, Mind and Body in the healing of trauma - Bessel van der kolk

Mindfulness - Dr Danny Prenman, Prof Mark Williams

Reckoning - Magda Szubanski

Any Ordinary Day - Leigh Sales

Say Hello - Carly Findlay

The Nature Fix - Florence Williams

In Pieces - Sally Field

The Polyvagal Therory in Therapy - Deb Dana

There's more of course - but that's a good start.