Sobering read

Thursday, February 25 2021, 3:46PM

I was recently gifted a book, clearly I was meant to read this book, as I am not a reader, more so since the stroke, can't seem to pay attention for very long, end up reading the same page multiple times then toss it aside. Truth be, I never had much time for reading, being a farmer and a casual IT worker, husband was FIFO and two kids on the go, didn't leave much time for reading or anything else much, so it was a non event.

You can imagine my excitement (not) when she handed me the book. I looked at the cover and thought, oh yes I have seen this on the ads on telly, thanked her very much and left it on the dining room table. A few days later, I was pottering around, was about to head back up to the office, but our house cleaner had just mopped up there, so I thought bugger it, I will sit here on the lounge a minute and wait. I started looking around the room and spied the book on the table. Might take a look at it then, seeing as I haven't anything else to do. I started a flicking through the pages, beautiful book I thought, had photos all through it too, really good ones, not a bad book I thought, just not a whole pile of words. I then decided I might start reading a couple of things at the front, I noticed there were never too many words on the pages either, another positive ! Well I started to read, I really was not prepared at all for what I was about to read, 3 pages in and I was a blubbering mess, like really crying hard. My husband and house cleaner came running as they heard me and I was almost inconsolable, they picked up the book and began reading what I had read and they knew exactly what was going on. This lady, Sam Bloom, Heartache and Birdsong, had written words describing how she feels about herself post trauma. It was like I was reading my own very thoughts. She had described her thoughts and feelings exactly how I would, though I could never have expressed myself as well as she has. I am not good at that. I finally finished the book, didn't take too long, it now sits beside my bed. I have little page markers through it. Wow, is all I can say about it. If you have experienced a life changing trauma, this book may be of interest, but word of warning it hit me straight in my very core, but it probably needed to, I feel differently towards myself since reading it, I also feel my outlook has shifted a little, in a  good way. I believe there is another book also about this story, so may think about reading it too.

Love to know if others have had a similar experience reading this book or another.