Gratitude is the sincerest form of love

Tuesday, May 15 2018, 9:16PM

In another EnableMe blog (Sue's "My Poetry continued") I asked the question 'is gratitude a form of love?' and Sue agreed it was. Sometimes on my stroke journey I have felt completely useless and helpless. There have been times when I couldn't do much to help myself, where I needed those around me to do pretty much everything. I felt like I had nothing to give back, so many people showed me love in those days and I wasn't sure how I would be able to show my love back.

It's only in the last 24hours that I have realised that I was showing my love. By expressing my gratitude. I know the people who helped me knew how grateful I was for the help they gave me. But here's a few shout-outs to people who I'm grateful for:

- The nurse who sat up at night with me when I couldn't sleep. Who checked on me during night shift, who didn't judge or get cranky. Who helped me to calm down.

- The ambulance paramedics who came early on the Sunday morning I had my stroke, who helped me make it to the toilet when I couldn't walk, and maintained my dignity throughout the whole experience.

- My Dad, who came to my house every morning just after 5am, to be in the house and make sure I was ok, thus allowing my husband to go back to work. He made the best cups of tea and the best porridge every morning.

- My Mum, who came every morning so Dad could then go to work. She drove me to every appointment, she helped me get my washing and other chores done, practiced my therapy with me, encouraged and supported me, and even cooked dinner for myself and my husband every weeknight. 

- My sister, who came to keep me company, give my other carers a break, even helped with some "self care" tasks that I just couldn't do for myself. 

- My aunty and cousin who came to visit, bringing sunflowers that brightened up my day and my house, laughter and smiles that lit up my life for a few hours.

It's been widely acknowledged that being grateful has a huge impact on our wellbeing. So get out there are cultivate a practice of gratitude!